Top Prop Firms Offering Free Trials and Funded Forex Account with Zero Deposit

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  • Proprietary firms allow traders to participate in risk-free trading through free trials.
  • Zero deposit funded accounts attract more traders to understand market dynamics. 

Forex trading is booming because of its high liquidity. Many investors see this as a business opportunity. But, initial capital requirement poses a barrier for many traders. Now, proprietary trading firms play an important role in this ecosystem. They provide traders with the necessary funds and tools to trade efficiently at high volumes. Now, prop firms are providing free trials to its users. 

These free evaluation prop firms ensure traders explore the forex market risk-free.  Then, specific companies offer funded forex accounts without any deposit. In this article, you can check the top firms for prop trading that provide free trials and zero deposit forex accounts: 

Understanding Proprietary Trading

Traders can easily participate in forex trading with the help of proprietary firms. A prop firm invests its capital in the forex market. Then, they hire talented traders who trade on their behalf. These traders have to go through specific objectives during an evaluation phase. In the end, traders get a stake in the profits. Top platforms allow their users to trade cryptocurrency and fiat pairs for forex trading. 

Now, multiple firms are offering free trials to their users. Free evaluation prop firms give traders opportunities to showcase their trading capabilities. These trial accounts require fake money to simply gain experience during trading. Also, users get a chance to access capital without an upfront fee. 

Successful traders get the opportunity to progress to a funded account only after meeting the firm’s evaluation criteria. Then, they can start trading with real capital. These firms help traders operate across future and stock markets. 

Selecting a Prop Firm

You can choose the right prop firm after considering below factors:

  1. Traders select the correct prop firm by considering their reputation in the market. A prominent provider is crucial for your success in forex trading. 
  2. The right firm provides learning materials to traders. It helps them improve their trading skills. Also, choose prop firms that provide free trials. Free evaluation proprietary firms allow users to start trading in a risk-free environment.  
  3. Select a firm only after checking their capital and profit split ratio. Specific companies offer up to 90% profit share. 
  4. Do not forget to check the withdrawal process of a prop firm. Traders should get fast payouts of profits in their account. 
  5. Always look for any fees by a prop firm. Many firms require traders to pay fees for the evaluation process.

Funded Forex Accounts with No Deposit 

Many platforms are offering funded forex accounts without an initial deposit. They provide a forex no deposit bonus to skilled traders. This bonus is the trading capital for new traders in the forex market. It is not for profit-oriented trading. Also, traders cannot withdraw bonus money. They can only withdraw profits made from trading the bonus balance. 

Traders must undergo an evaluation and approval process to get a zero deposit forex account. Only skilled traders are able to pass this rigorous process. They must trade a demo account to meet certain performance metrics like profit targets. Also, funded amounts rely on evaluation outcomes. 

There are some top forex brokers who offer no deposit bonuses. It includes RoboForex, Tickmill, and InstaForex. For example: RoboForex provides a $30 no-deposit bonus to new users. Below, you can check the benefits of getting funded forex account access: 

1. Increased Capital

Prop firms provide funded forex accounts to traders for trading at larger positions. In this way, a trader earns higher profits as per their profit split ratio.  

2. Risk Mitigation 

Traders are able to operate with forex no-deposit bonus through prop firms. In this way, these traders do not have to risk their own capital. They get access to advanced tools that minimize risks in forex trading. 

3. Educational Resources

Prop firms provide educational materials to help their traders. In this way, they improve their trading skills and maximize profits. 

4. Technology Access 

Traders get access to state-of-the-art platform for forex trading through prop firms. It includes the best software and analytics for efficient trading.

5. No Initial Deposit

Funded forex accounts do not require an initial deposit. Prop firms offer forex no-deposit bonuses to their selected users after evaluation process. In this way, they can showcase their skills without facing any financial burden.

Best Prop Firms Available

Below, we have mentioned details for the top prop firms for forex trading:

1. The 5%ers

The 5%ers is a prop firm that provides free trials to their users. In this way, they help traders to showcase their skills properly. Their traders easily pass the evaluation process after practicing forex trading through the trial account. After that, they get access to trading capital. Here, the profit split is 50-50. Their packages have profit targets of 6% and 12%. They also provide funded forex account to their users. 


FTMO is another free evaluation prop firm that tests traders’ skills in real market conditions. Their program focuses on managing risks in trading by offering free trials to traders. This platform works on a 70-30 profit split. Traders receive 70%, and FTMO gets 30% of the profits. But, the profit targets are higher at 10% and 20%. 

3. Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group is a prop firm that provides free trials to traders. In this way, the prop firm allows its users to experience their platform. Also traders get the option to choose their preferred level of demo funding during the trial. It provides flexibility in testing strategies. They provide 80% profits to their traders. 

4. TopStep Trader

It is a very well-known prop firm that provides a funded account starting at $50,000. Traders have to go through a rigorous process for passing evaluation process. They can keep 80% of the net profits after passing the evaluation process. This platform is also best for traders who are involve in futures trading. Their accounts vary from $50k for futures with a fee beginning at only $49.


Traders can fulfill their forex training goals without bearing much risks through prop firms. These firms help them to learn trading through free trials. Also, these platforms provide funded forex accounts to their skilled traders so they do not have to risk their own money. Embrace golen opportunities with a prop firm to elevate your trading experience. 

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