Introducing METASMART TV: Digital Collectibles at the Fingertips

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  • Metasmart TVs are next-generation devices that enable access to the world of Web3 conveniently.
  • This technology was introduced by Gazer, which became the first brand to revolutionize the Television industry.

Metasmart Television (METASMART TV) is an emerging star in the world of blockchain. With new technologies being introduced day by day with their features and functionalities to battle one another in the race to be the best, it becomes a little problematic to choose a reliable one. Among the crowd, this concept came to the forefront with its groundbreaking technology, which revolutionized the existing Television industry by integrating the features and benefits of blockchain. Thanks to the transition to Web3, now users can access decentralized features and digital collectibles more conveniently. NFTs’ access is an additional advantage of using this device.

NFT as a Money-Making Strategy

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that represent digital ownership. These tokens are available over the blockchain and other decentralized platforms for buying, selling and renting. These NFTs in the metaverse are used as a native cryptocurrency so that a user can trade over things that are not realistic but virtually exist in the Metaverse.

These cryptographic tokens not only give access to making money, but sometimes token holders also get governance rights over a specific blockchain or platform via voting rights on behalf of their token holdings. This feature is used to make a platform’s interface convenient, and holders can participate in the decisions regarding potential changes to a platform while contributing to the network’s security.

Access to Digital Collectibles in METASMART TV

Gazer technology introduced a transforming technology that gained traction with a wider audience because of NFT’s integration into their METASMART TV, which enabled incredible accessibility with an easy user interface. This TV lets a user enjoy the world of digital assets without leaving their home. A user can take advantage of its seamless search in terms of theme, art, style and region via the Multiart Application.

It provides several features to an NFT collection holder, so they can view those artworks in real size, regardless of their size on smartphones. This technology is itself a work of art, giving personalization features to set the preferred photo as wallpaper or screensaver, making digital artwork when not in use.

These groundbreaking features of METASMART TV have already been used in digital art exhibitions held in Lisbon, Dubai and Hamburg. Modern art enthusiasts enjoyed several NFT collections in virtual reality, augmented reality and over multiverse screens that provided a sharp and clear display with technological possibilities.

Add-On Feature

With METASMART, users can leverage the benefits of Hi-Fi level sound. Users can play a popular format by using a 9-band equalizer to adjust the sound as per their preference. Because of this, users enjoy the same experience while imagining themselves at a band concert or movie premiere, similar to a theater experience with a full range of emotions.


Gazer technology has changed the perception of watching television with its technological initiative, METASMART TV. This technology has such vast potential that a user can harness the benefits of Web3 at home. This provides an immersive experience along with an enhanced real-life experience while unleashing the potential of a TV. NFTs are its best offering, which could address existing limitations while providing an artwork showcase to be used as a home decoration in digital form.


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