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Incorporated in 2010 as UberCab, Inc. and rebranded as Technologies, Inc., the company provides transportation services in about 10,000 cities throughout 71 counties through nearly 16 million journeys daily. Uber Technologies, Inc.’s most notable service is its public transportation aggregation service via Uber Cabs. It is a ride-hailing mobile app that connects clients looking for public transportation, such as cabs and auto-rickshaws, with drivers who provide the service in real time. It is for Business that offers improved capabilities for corporate customers, such as employee trip activity tracking, automatic billing, and expenditure and reporting. It is the platform via which Uber Technologies, Inc. establishes itself in the delivery industry. 

It Eats is the platform via Technologies, Inc. establishes itself in the delivery industry. Uber Eats assists clients in discovering nearby food outlets, ordering meals from partner food outlets, and picking up and delivering the order to their doorsteps. It now delivers groceries and other supplies from local convenience stores in several markets. It Freight connects freight carriers (transporters) with shippers to provide freight transportation services. In theory, it functions similarly to the ride-hailing application. Other Technology Platforms and the Advanced Technology Group (ATG) The ATG and Other Technology Platforms segments of Technology, Inc. cater to the advancement of autonomous car and ridesharing technology. Hopes to commercialize self-driving vehicles in conjunction with Aurora.

Uber has teamed with Joby Aviation to provide seamless ground and air transport integration via Elevate. It remains committed to its objective of igniting opportunity by setting the world in motion by achieving a completely electrified, zero-emission platform by 2040. Uber’s invaluable contribution to future technologies, such as self-driving cars and urban micro-mobile air transport, demonstrates this. Uber Technologies, Inc. currently has a market capitalization of $87.78 billion. It has a -26.06 P.E. ratio. Uber Technologies, Inc.’s stock is currently trading at $47.31.


The stock price of Uber Technologies, Inc. finished at $7.30, with a total market cap of $95.72 billion (44 million shares outstanding). Uber Technologies, Inc. trades under the symbol UBER on the New York Stock Exchange. Inc.’s stock price has risen 0.26% in the last 24 hours. The stock price prognosis for Inc. is now bullish.

For the last ten quarters, revenue has increased by $2.22 billion (8.82 billion) (in dollars), with an average increase of 13.8% per quarter.

The net profit over the last two quarters has been 595.0 million -193.0 million (in dollars), a decrease of 132.4% on average.

The market capitalization of Uber is $90.566 billion. Uber did not have a particularly happy year in 2022. It recorded a revenue of $31.88 billion in 2022, a negative net income of -$9.14 billion, and a profit margin of -28.68%. The corporation has $11.72 billion in debt, $605.00 billion in free cash flow, and $4.89 billion in cash and equivalents. This demonstrates that the company is failing to make profits and has a significant debt load.


Uber Technologies, Inc. is setting new highs while sustaining momentum. Uber reached $47.88 after falling to a 52-week low of $22.11. Its average volume over the last three months has been 24.64 Million.

The stock price of Uber Technologies, Inc. performed bullishly on the daily time frame, displaying strongly bullish signs. The price has been rising and is now above the 50- and 200-day moving averages.

The RSI has been trading close to the oversold level. The RSI line is approximately 61.07. The 14 SMA line has a value of 64.56 points, indicating that the price of Uber Technologies, Inc. is in the positive zone and is quite bullish.

MACD is currently giving positive indications. The MACD line at 1.48 and the signal line at 1.47 are both above the zero line, indicating that the MACD is in positive territory and is now providing positive signals.

On the daily and Weekly charts:


The Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator for its is 1.58, indicating that the stock is a sale.

Its 20-Day exponential moving average is 45.09, and its share price is $46.61, making it a Buy.

Its 50-Day exponential moving average is 42.16, and its share price is $46.61, making it a Buy.

Uber tokenized stock FTX Price (UBER)


The Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator for its Technologies is 4.10, indicating that its technologies are a Sell.

Its, 20-Day exponential moving average is 40.15, and its share price is $46.61, making it a Buy.

Its, 50-Day exponential moving average is 35.88, and its share price is $46.61, making it a Buy.


  • The Trend Strength Indicator (ADX) for Uber Technologies is 37.08, indicating a Neutral signal.
  • The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) for Uber Technologies is 114.96, indicating a Sell signal.
  • The Price Rate of Change (ROC) for Uber Technologies is 51.18, indicating a Buy signal.


According to our current UBER stock estimate, the value of its Technologies shares will fall by -2.53% by August 2, 2023, reaching $46.10 per share. The present sentiment is Bullish, according to our technical indicators, but the Fear and Greed Index is 39 (Fear). Over the previous 30 days, Uber stock has had 19/30 (63%) green days and 4.14% price volatility. According to our Technologies stock projection, it’s presently a bad time to buy Uber stock because it’s trading 2.59% higher than what we predicted.

Uber Technologies Stock Forecast 2025

The Technologies stock forecast for 2025 is now $43.92, assuming that its shares will continue to rise at the same average annual rate as they have in the previous ten years. The price would rise by -7.14% as a result.

Uber Technologies Stock Forecast 2030

If Uber Technologies maintains its current 10-year average growth rate, the shares will be worth $36.49 in 2030. If this Technologies stock forecast for 2030 comes true, it will increase by -22.85% from its present price.

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