The Graph Prediction: How GRT Crypto Lost Its Momentum?

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  • The Graph (GRT ) coin is trading at $0.1194 at the present time with a nominal advance of +3.38% in the last 24 hours.
  • The GRT  coin advanced by +11.6% in the last 7 days.
  • Currently, the coin is experiencing a downward trend.

GRT  coin investors are facing a tough time in the market. Investors lost about more than 95% of their invested capital and the hope of the investors is dying now. Based on the price data of the coin, it can be observed that it is in a massive downtrend. The price advanced by +11.6% in the last seven days and we can say that the Sandbox coin didn’t perform well. It tanked -95.87% from its peak price of $2.84 in a span of 12 months. GRT  Coin’s existing market sentiments are not exactly positive. Volume is low and as of now, there is hardly any buying pressure. Bears are overwhelming the market.

The Graph (GRT ) Coin Technical Analysis

The GRT  price has dropped below the 50 and 200 EMAs, which suggests that the price is in a bearish trend. If the sellers maintain the pressure, the coin’s value may drop even further in the forthcoming week. The bears are not in the mood to give power to bulls right now. A death cross was observed on the chart.

Coin Technical Analysis
Source: GRT /US DOLLAR by TradingView

The MACD indicator also indicates a negative trend. The MACD line at -0.0008 and signal line at -0.0024 is below the zero line, suggesting that the MACD is in negative territory and is giving bearish signals.

The current value of RSI is 53.18 points. The 14 SMA line is currently close to the median line, around 52.22 points which indicates negative sentiment in the market. As the price is heading towards the overbought territory, the market encounters strong bullish sentiment.

Volume Analysis

The Graph coin’s average trading volume for the last 24 hours is $137.5M. It is showing a -4.10% drop in volume in a day. GRT ‘s low volume is mainly due to a lack of buying interest among investors.


The Graph coin is struggling in the market. Based on the price action, it seems that a price break of its primary trendline support level may lead to further price drops in the upcoming days. The Graph coin’s price shows a pessimistic situation at the moment. The EMAs, the RSI, and the MACD gave negative signs about the coin. The coin is not showing any recovery signs right now.

Technical Levels:

  • Support – The current support levels are $0.1012 and $0.0934.
  • Resistance –The current resistance levels are $ 0.1367 and 0.1737.


The research given in this article is for informative and educational use only. Do not take this information as a financial or trading recommendation. Trading and investing have financial risks. Before creating any investment or trading decision, please consider your risk profile and circumstances.

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