Futureverse Converges 8 Web3 Companies for an Open Metaverse

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  • Futureverse is a newly established blockchain network focused on the development of metaverse.
  • It has brought together 8 smaller companies to function as a bigger network to build an open metaverse.

Futureverse, a New Zealand-based metaverse development company, has recently announced the merger of 8 Web3 development companies into one that will work to build an “open” metaverse. They would commit to making the metaverse truly decentralized and not letting a single entity monopolize it.

Futureverse and its Commitment to Open Metaverse

Futureverse is a new blockchain network headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. The main focus of the company will be the metaverse. The company employs many advanced technologies, including the Root Network, an efficient blockchain network exploiting XLPR and Ethereum bridges.

The company was founded by Aaron McDonald, Shara Senderoff, Marco Brondani, and Daniel Gillespie. Its goal is to empower the community using the metaverse so that it can be controlled by the community and not big corporations, underscoring the true meaning of decentralization. They want to establish a powerful community network with flexible interoperability.

Metaverse is currently receiving a lot of hype about being the internet’s future. It has cutting-edge solutions to improve the efficiency of multiple sectors such as – banking and finance, retail, supply chain, automation, hospitality, healthcare, research, etc. With appealing potential applications, sharks like Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple have already started venturing into the virtual space.

The unbeatable capital of these giants threatens the principle of metaverse that lies in its decentralization and public government. These giants, who already dominate their respective domains, have a reputation for misappropriating public data and influencing the public will suit their profits.

According to Aaron McDonald, the company’s co-founder, – “a company can’t stand as a single entity in the metaverse,” and, he adds, “the metaverse should be a collection of user-owned, interoperable identity, data, and content that can be used across a wide range of applications.”

The Rollup

Futureverse is being hailed as the pioneer who is making substantial efforts to make the metaverse an open platform. In recent developments, he announced the merger of eight Web3 developer companies working on different aspects of the metaverse that will operate on the company’s network.

The companies that are included in the rollup are —

  • Centrapay: It is a digital payments system that will provide a software development kit in the network for asset payments to enable Web3 payments. It will also provide exciting rewards and personalized options.
  • Centrapass: It will develop digital identity and customer asset custody protocols for the decentralized network.
  • Altered State Machine: It will be the leading AI protocol and major AI provider for the metaverse. It will manage the creation of a variety of content, games, and characters within the games, and train other Non-Fungible Intelligence entities for the virtual world.
  • Sylo: It will develop the decentralized communication platform with the help of its Sylo protocol and The Seekers Gamified node infrastructure.
  • Altered Phenix: It is a New Zealand-based gaming studio that holds many renowned credits across multiple genres and platforms.
  • Immersive: It’s a multi-chain payments protocol that bridges Web3 and Metaverse payments infrastructure. The company is connected to the Mastercard network. Hence, it will leverage its connections to develop bridges for real-life payment protocols interconnecting metaverse and the Mastercard network.
  • Non-Fungible Labs: It’s a design engineering studio that is mainly responsible for the architecture of the virtual world. It has creative plans for the design of the metaverse environments with digital twins and ecosystem avatars. They are powered by the Dynamic Object Transformer 3D Avatar program and asset creation software. It is already a renowned name in the NFT industry with credits for the NFT collectibles ecosystem Fluf World.
  • Shadows Interactive: It is a Los Angeles-based animation studio with a team of very talented artists fully versed in technology to create Web3 and Metaverse ecosystems. They are the creators of the popular NFT collection Party Bears.

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