EOS Price Prediction: EOS Price Near to All-Time Low What Next?

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  • EOS (BITFINEX: EOS) is currently trading at $0.764 with a rise of 1.04% in 24 hours.
  • EOS’s (BITFINEX: EOS) live market cap is $836,256,026.
  • EOS’s (BITFINEX: EOS) 24-hour volume is $164.04 Million. 

Based on previous price information, it can be said that EOS (BITFINEX: EOS) is currently in a downward trend. EOS’s price has climbed by 26.90% during the last five days, indicating that its performance is now subpar. EOS hit a high of $23.0290 over four years ago. It has since dropped by -97.94%. 

The low volume suggests that there aren’t enough buyers as a result of the negative market perceptions of the coin. This could be the reason why the coin has historically performed poorly.

The price of the EOS currency is showing a weak structure on the chart, which suggests a potential decline in price. Additionally, the declining coin volume points to a drop in buyer interest, which can result in fewer buyers participating in the market. This decreased demand could potentially cause the price of the EOS token to decrease even further in the future.

EOS (BITFINEX: EOS) Price Analysis

EOS Price Prediction
Source: EOS/USD.1D.BITFINEX by TradingView


The price of EOS is currently trading lower below both the 20-day and 50-day exponential moving averages in the daily time frame, which is a bearish indicator. EOS is the subject of sell-side investor sentiment and bearish momentum.


Move-Average Convergence Divergence for EOS also indicates bearishness and conveys a negative message on a weekly basis. The MACD is in the negative zone and will advance in the direction of the bears because the signal line is at -0.0608 and the MACD line is at -0.0453, both of which are below the zero line.


A momentum oscillator called the RSI gauges the rate and size of price fluctuations. It oscillates between 0 and 100, with readings above 70 indicating overbought conditions and below 30 indicating oversold regions. There is bearish momentum in the market as indicated by the proximity of the 14 SMA line to the median line at 31.07 and the present reading of the RSI for the EOS coin at 50.66.


The EOS price analysis reveals that indicators like the EMA and MACD are producing negative signals while the RSI indicator is producing neutral signals. As a result, the coin’s unfavorable sentiment increased. Investors now aren’t showing a lot of interest in buying the EOS coin. A poor picture for the immediate future is indicated by the current price of EOS. 

Technical Levels

Support – The current support level of the EOS is $0.5079.

Resistance –The current resistance level of the EOS is $1.8833.


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