Bitcoin Inu: A Fusion of Bitcoin & Shiba Inu for Unprecedented Growth and Gains!

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Today is your lucky day, Bitcoin Inu (BTCINU) is here! A brand new Memecoin with the mission to stand out above all other Memecoins!

How you may wonder? By being a fusion of Bitcoin and Shiba Inu!

Bitcoin Inu is the Solution to Make Other Memecoins Obsolete

BTCINU has a rich variety of solutions that put other memecoins far in the shade. Let us take a closer look at these key features:

1. Easy Access Worldwide:

Anyone in this world can buy the Memecoin easily and fast during the Presale

2. Instant Gains:

The Presale prices are much lower than the launch price. Early Presale investors have assured profits at the launch date.

3. Incredible Marketing Opportunities:

Since the team combines BTC and SHIB nothing stands in the way of the marketing campaign and all kinds of investors will be approached.

4. No Limits

Since the Presale is hardcapped to an extremely low Market Cap, there is a huge growth potential in BTCINU after launch.

Invest Now, Retire Later!

The token is currently in presale with a launch price of $0.06 per token. There are nine unique phases in total and the token price increases with each new phase. A quick investment decision is necessary to take advantage of the growth potential and discounted presale prices because every phase runs for exactly 10 days! The first stage starts with a price of $0.038 and gives you guaranteed profits of 40% at the launch date.

Tremendous Tokenomics Promise Extreme Growth Potential!

The maximum supply of the BTCINU token is 21,000,000, which is based on Bitcoin’s maximum supply. A generous 69% of the token supply is distributed to determined investors during the presale. Investors can buy the token with USDT or ETH on its official presale website. Another 10% of the token supply is allocated to the marketing budget. It will ensure that BTCINU gets the attention and hype it deserves. In addition, 20% of the total supply is allocated as liquidity reserves. Thus, future listings can take place with sufficient breadth. 1% of the total token supply remains available to the team.

Following a thorough examination of the cryptocurrency market and key aspects of tokenomics, the team has determined that precisely this distribution of tokens holds the greatest potential for upward price movements. 

This Memecoin Actually Gives You Free Gains!

Given that the BTCINU token is set to debut at a price of $0.06, every presale investor can anticipate assured profits on the launch day. Initially, BTCINU will be available on the decentralized exchange UniSwap, with additional listings on major centralized exchanges planned.

Solid Foundation

To guarantee secure trading of the BTCINU token, the team is dedicated to constructing the token on the Ethereum blockchain, establishing a robust foundation. In addition, the implementation of a hard cap mechanism serves to restrict the circulating supply, ensuring well-managed dynamics and a controlled market cap during the initial launch phase. This approach is poised to foster a healthy price development over the long term. As an extra layer of security, the Bitcoin Inu smart contracts have undergone comprehensive audits conducted by SolidProof, a highly regarded security firm in the crypto industry.


A mix of real utility and pure meme makes Bitcoin Inu one of the most dangerous competitors to Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and Pepe. Thanks to its sophisticated tokenomics, extremely small token supply, and promising hype potential, BTCINU can generate huge profits for early buyers. Given the momentum of the ongoing presale, this Memecoin is dignified to attract a substantial number of additional investors.

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