Allocation and its uses in maintaining Cryptocurrency Portfolio

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Allocation refers to the division of funds with the purpose to invest in different investment opportunities. In the financial market, allocation helps in diversifying your investment. As the markets go digital, the adoption of cryptocurrency has also increased. In the world of cryptocurrency, allocation can be helpful to decide which cryptocurrency you can invest in. Also, it will help to diversify your choices in buying cryptocurrency.

Why is Allocation Important?

Allocation is important as it helps to decide where and how much you can invest in the asset. It helps the investor make rational decisions while dealing with the buying and selling of cryptocurrency. Allocation gives a holistic approach to diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Types of CryptoCurrencies

Before allocating your funds to different cryptocurrencies, it is essential to do your own research (DYOR).

  • Currencies or Coins

Coins are like fiat money, which acts as a medium of exchange and has a store of value. It provides liquidity to investors as it can be easily converted into cash. They can be used for payments and can also be used to facilitate exchange. An example of pure currency is Bitcoin. They generally have a high value.

  • Stablecoins

Stablecoins are somewhat the same as pure currency. They are regulated by a project or a company so that they maintain a constant price. The perfect example of Stablecoin is Tether. They have a reliable store of value. However, these coins do not see that much fluctuation as they are begged with some particular currency. They are good investments but offer relatively little opportunity for profit, than pure currency. 

Uses of Allocation in Maintaining Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Allocation can be very useful in maintaining cryptocurrency portfolios as it can help the investor in deciding their portfolio.

  • Allocation can be useful in dividing funds into various kinds of investment opportunities. This can be helpful to investors so as to get the maximum out of the various investments. 
  • It provides decisions related to where you can invest. It brings diversification with clear thoughts of various kinds of opportunities. It helps the investor to find out the best for it.
  • Allocation makes the portfolio in setting up in terms of percentages. For example, you can allocate a certain percentage of investment to bitcoins and a certain percentage to altcoins.
  • Allocation can also help the investor to gain short-term as well as long-term gains. As it helps in diversifying your investment into various companies. 
  • It can help in managing risks as it provides a cushion to the investor by diversifying their cryptocurrency portfolio.


To begin with, Allocation can be helpful in many ways to investors. It provides diversification to your cryptocurrency portfolio and manages the risk of loss. Also, it helps to gain short-term as well as long-term profits. However, It can be related to diversification. It can increase the potential investment. At last, It must be kept in mind while investing in different portfolios.

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